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Roadrunner Mobile App

A loyalty program for gas station customers

The problem

The oil and gas industry struggles to connect with their customers. Gas stations make the most money from purchases in the convenience store, but customers are reluctant to go into the store as they see it as a waste of time & money.


Some gas stations offer loyalty programs, but their process is somewhat outdated as it requires loyalty members to carry around cards or type in their phone numbers. Gas station managers also have no way of tracking customer purchases, and must resort to offering blanket discounts that are not relevant to everyone.
We decided this was the perfect opportunity to create an app that offers personalized deals and a way to easily track reward status, making the experience as frictionless as possible – from signing up to claiming deals. Our solution consists of a fully developed iPhone and watch app for gas station loyalty members, as well as a proof of concept for a complimentary iPad app for gas station managers.

Frictionless Sign-in

Users can browse the app without having an account, but if they want to save or redeem a deal they need to sign in. The only information we require is a phone number, and once users enter the confirmation code texted to them, they immediately have an account. This quick process increases the chance that users will actually download & continue to use the app.

Redeeming deals

All saved deals are compiled into one bar code, which users can scan in the convenience store. They can also add the card to passbook for even easier access.

Reward Status

The first thing users see when they open the app is their current reward status, along with a reminder of what the reward is that they’re working toward. This makes users feel rewarded for their business, and lets them know that they are making progress toward a goal.

Recommended Deals

After users enter their interests in their profile, they can view deals targeted to those interests. They can also connect their twitter account, which enables us to use IBM Watson Personality Insights to analyze their tweets and send them personalized offers, ensuring they aren’t bombarded with irrelevant promotions.

Getting gas isn’t the most exciting thing, but everyone with a car needs to do it at some point. By offering personalized discounts to loyal customers, Roadrunner makes the experience easier & more enjoyable, and assures customers that their business is appreciated.

Promotional Video

As part of the deliverables, I also created an animated video showcasing the app’s features. I created the storyboard, illustrated and animated, and recorded the voiceover with a co-worker.