App User Management

Making life easier for app developers

The Problem

One of the developers I work with had created a sweet service that made adding social login and managing your app’s users a breeze. (It’s normally a huge pain and takes even the most experienced developers days to implement.) Getting started using the service was still confusing and tedious, though, so I was brought on to design a better experience.

UI Design
UX Design
Web Design

My Role

We created a web app where developers could go to connect their apps to our service. The end result was a setup flow that guides a developer through the process, rather than making them do the hard work for themselves.


In order to get started, I needed a basic understanding of the technology, so I worked with our Research team to interview developers about how they currently implement social login and manage users. From our research, we created personas and then got our team together to identify our user’s major pain points and needs, preparing us to create a valuable experience for them.


We also worked closely with the developers currently designing the service to create our user flow. The current setup process was disjointed, had no clear starting point, and required knowledge beyond what our average user would typically know. We worked to combine all the moving parts into one linear flow that was much more streamlined, and identified ways we could help the user throughout the process.

Using our new flow, we designed a form system that would guide users through the setup process. We worked closely with our Research team to do user testing along the way, starting with the wireframes, and incorporated our users’ feedback. Our solution relied heavily on animation to communicate progression. Our users could see where they were in the process and what they had done so far. Through a series of tooltips, we educated users on our vocabulary, and helped them if they were confused about a step. Most importantly, we made the process quick: what would have taken up to a week now only took minutes.

Created at the IBM Mobile Innovation Lab in Austin, TX.