Realtime Reactive Database

Delivering data to our world's connected devices

The Problem

In today’s ever-connected world, “apps” are no longer just on our phones. We interact with computers, watches, thermostats, cars, shoes, clothing… the list continues to expand. And we expect these devices to deliver us the right information at the right time in the right context.

But what controls that information, and how is it being delivered?

UI Design
UX Design
Web Design

my role

To tackle this problem and to power some of the experiences our teams at the MIL were building, our developers built a database that could do just that – deliver specific information in an efficient manner.

My role was to help the team scale the service. The state it was in was fine for one internal project, but it wasn’t easy for other teams to use it. My job was to create a web portal where developers could quickly set up & monitor instances.


In order to help our users, I had to get inside their heads. And in order to do that, I needed to understand what their lives were like, and how they worked with databases.

Our Research team and myself interviewed countless developers, as well as my internal team members to clearly understand their goals and pain points.

Armed with our research, I led our team in a day of IBM Design Thinking to further understand our users, and to clarify our strategy moving forward.


From there, I worked with our developers and product manager to solidify a user flow.



Next steps were wireframes. We conducted user testing starting with the wireframes, and were able to identify and major problems before moving forward.


We also created a demo app that developers could download and use as an example. I designed an iOS & an Android version.

chat demo app

Created at the IBM Mobile Innovation Lab in Austin, TX.